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  • Are you drinking the Holy Water? Here you go. It's fantastic. Now I'm in need of 8 summoning shard. Pikkupstix, Tavelry may have OSRS gold some. I think I know what you're referring to. Salutations, (Player Name). What can I do to help? I need 8 Summoning Shards for Salen. I and him are way back. Here, take them at no cost.

    Pikkupstix offers you a pouch of summoning fragments. Return to Salen. What happens? This pouch of shards is made by Pikkupstix. It's perfect. To complete the ritual of ingredients, I will need two Salve Robes. Sanfew may have spares. They'll be back in the near future I'm certain.

    You can visit Sanfew in the Herb shop upstairs in Tavelry. You're welcome, (player name). Why have you visited my humble home? Salen offered me. He needs a pair of Salve Robes. This is it. Best wishes to Salen Visit Salen. Thank you. Now, I'm asking you to wear these robes to mix the potion. (Salve Robes require 35 Magic and 40 Prayer for wear, and the potion needs 65 Herblores to mix.)

    Salen gives you the herb, shards and vials of holy water. You will get the Salve Potion when you combine all the ingredients of the Vial of HOLYWATER. Contact Salen. Are you familiar with the Salve Potion It's available there. It's great! Now, I can have MY CITY of TAVELRY back! You are so right! !

    Salens the robes become black, he leaps off of his chair, and sprints out the door. Visit Tavelry for delicious food and armour. A cutscene will be presented. With Buy RS gold that foolish adventurer subdued I'm in a position to take back this town. Pikkupstix, Drezel, Sanfew, Nature Spirit, and Player: Get off there, Salen! Gah! Are you certain that I won't be able to stop me? Well think again!