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Based largely upon your personal OSRS Gold monster range

  • Everything you need: Penguin Food (aqired during quest), salmon, Penguin outfit (out of Cold War),bucket,5 big nets, 5 nails and 7 planks (any type). To begin this quest go to Argongie Zoo and talk to Larry. He will say that RS gold a penguin has made some black penguins to take over the Iceberg and then the remainder of RuneScape! He'll ask you for assistance. Bring 5 significant nets, Penguin and polar outfit, 5 claws, salmon and 7 planks

    You inquire about exactly what that stuff is for. He'll say the robo- penguins love salmon. Ask him what the nails and stuff are for. He'll state that the claws, boards and the nets will make a huge net cage.

    Once your there visit the Penguin Witness he is wearing the hat on his ****. He will ask you whether your here to kill the penguins. Say yes. He will let you know the steps to construct the net cage. Proceed to the huge ditch next to the agility program.

    Theres a penguin near the ditch. He'll request that you thestuff to build the cage. Give him the stuff and he will build it. Next go to the tower and you will observe the Penguin Scientest he is Buy old school rs gold going to be raking his snow yard. Put on the penguin costume. Look under it and you'll see a secret. Once hes dead press the button again and the freshly - generated penguins will come from the lair.