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  • He will mention that a recent assault of goblins was coming from the north-west. Tell him you'll inspect it and the dwarves and also him proceed to Falador for safety. Before you leave, he tells you that OSRS gold he will be bringing down Dwarf Multi-Cannons and lots of cannonballs to help in the approaching battle. In addition, he tells you the knights can use the Dwarven Mines for smithing and protection.I am not really happy with how this came out, and now I am also well aware the the name for the armor is idiotic. I'm still trying to think of a better title for it. Allow me to know if you have some ideas to improve the pursuit.

    The material to make it's a rare ore which can only be found underwater. Get your swimming equipment and also have Murphy bring you underwater. Close to the crabs is a crack in the stone that it is possible to go through (50 Agility demanded ) for an underwater mine which gets the ore you need. Mine about 25 of them and **** back to Willus. He gives you a Magical Chisel. You need 60 Defence to wear it.

    Speak to Willus and tell him that you've got the armor and he will give you a special publication. Equip the armor and then leap into the water where the creature went. Now you're underwater and the creature is right in front of you. He's level 200 and utilizes melee attacks and an occasional magical strike.

    He could hit in the 40's but such hits are infrequent, and a common hit is about 10 or even 15. It's possible to use lobsters but swordfish are best here. Make certain to bring Prayer Potions, as well. As soon as you have him at 10 hitpoints utilize the publication that Willus gave you to cast a spell which can finish him off. Once he's defeated he'll drop Magical Bones. Take these to Willus to demonstrate that Runescape gold 2007 you defeated the beast. Now speak to King Vargas and decide to inform him exactly what happened. Fortunately Willus has already told him everything. Congratulations, pursuit complete.