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Warriors will have a hard time from the tunnels

  • My thought to bring back some facets of the older deul RS gold arena is to devote a"notice board" type of thing. It would let you put a bet offer from the machine stating how much you're staking and what lvls"staking: 400m, lvls 98-103" a participant could then click this button and it might give them more info on the duel(the search system would work like the grand exchange in how you would type in what assault fashion (mage, melee, ranged, or even summoning) then pick how much money you would like to stake and this wouldn't reaveal the poster of the bet that matches what you desired ).

    The info would tell"Ranged""no food,prayer" (as well as what planet ) or more and those principles could be unchangeable so if someone accepted the duel they could not scam"prayer on" or"mellee on" but they might agree on"obsticals on/off" along with much more.

    Then if you agree with all the bet you will place your money in the system and then be told"input the blue ladder in world 39" or somthing like this. And there's absolutely no way to take your money out ounce which you place it in. This stops rwters since if they consent to a deul and recognize it isn't the ideal person they cant take their money they must win the bet to receive their cash back.

    To stop rwting that you would not know the title of the individual you are deuling untill the deul had begun. To do so you may have to visit a designated world (like the deul tornaments or lootshare worlds except they would be termed"staking" worlds)and then visit the starter Runescape gold 2107 you are told to visit ( the starters would be on different sides of the arena and if you attempted to enter another began a message could apear"I was not advised to go down there" and you would just be allowed to input your starter area(more on this below)).