Uplyftt Membership Program require to change account password.


Password should contains atleast one capital letter one lowercase letter and one symbol and number and must be atleast 8 characters in length.

This proves that the scimtar is just as quickly

  • Using the Lootshare update (and the Trail of Glouphrie update - in which players can attack others over a NPC attacking), we understand that Jagex can now control different results when you are killed by a RuneScape gold player and when you're killed by a NPC. Knowing this, why not simply make it so you can select your thing priority when murdered by a NPC?

    You can visit Doomsayer in Lumbridge and toggle it. This solves the problem of changing pking. This would have the same result as the upgrade, but just make the results more secure for players. Thanks for reading and remarks are valued.

    The person being assisted should not get any XP because they're doing something that Rs2107 gold they should not be able to perform. They haven't worked hard like their high Leveled buddy so that they do not deserve to receive any expertise. However, I guess a toggle switch would be Okay though I still don't agree with giving free XP.