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Password should contains atleast one capital letter one lowercase letter and one symbol and number and must be atleast 8 characters in length.

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  • Ah! Heres the bottle! Now for that reward. Oh! Almost forgot. Heres an item! Mr.Maze will pick a random OSRS gold item, and give it to you! Undead Crown (10% chance)- Crown of the underworld prince. This crown allows the consumer the ability to use the prayer"Ghastly Knight" (Will explain further on) Ghastly Tunic (30% chance)- The netherworld's royal tunic. This tunic gives magic bonuses (Will clarify further on)

    All right so I have found a method for Jagex to combat the war on macroing. The idea dawned upon me since I was going through and reading a few suggestions that were talking about stopping the macroers but had been falling kind of short. This notion here will prove to be a bit more complex and really a step a **** of the game.

    An easy update in Woodcutting would enable Jagex to watch closely who is performing a macroing task or if they are actually there and just simply going in their every-day business. The notion is straightforward, institute a program that Buy runescape 3 gold will log every single player who struck an oak tree and upward. Now it would not simply only log you, no it'd be a lot more complex than that. This application would log your woodcutting level, your combat level, what type of axe you are using and how long you have been there.