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He's among the most interesting characters in MLB history

  • Looking up McLain's record, it is startling how quickly that MLB the show stubs 21 he got to the majors. In 1962, he had been at the low-level minors. In 1963, he started the year in category A ball, moved up to AA, and then had three starts in the majors. Back in 1964, he began eight dominant matches in AAA, and then was at the majors to stay in the age of 20. Interesting Blue Jays related trivia fact: McLain and bothersome former Jays sportscaster Fergie Olver were members of the 1962 Harlan Smokies. (Baseball Reference lists Olver beneath his middle name of Gerald Olver.)

    "If they think we are dumb for playing this game, just how stupid are they for seeing us? "That is what earned my upvote.

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    This is my first year playing the Display, and regrettably I cannot spend over two hrs per day on it. Hence, the progress will probably be pretty slow (on Bronze 50 now). My query is as follows: how long can we play with the DD for this season's edition of this game? Will it cease to exist as soon as Mlb the Show 21 comes out next season, or are you going to be still able to collect stubs, xps, cards etc a year from today with possibly fewer people engaging? I believe Buy MLB The Show 21 Stubs servers shut off in the end of July this year so you have a lot of time.