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This is my first year playing the Display

  • With how many negative MLB 21 Stubs articles I see about Sony partners Im shocked to see that 64% say they loved or enjoyed it. I am contained in there, but I felt like I had been in the minority based on the things I visit here.If you made this questionnaire, OP, and also have interest in survey design, please do a little reading on how to really do it.This questionnaire is ridiculously biased. It could not be more obvious if it began with bold flashing text that stated"I believe in X, Y, Y and want to create a data collection that supports my beliefs!"

    I am flabbergasted that little people purchased OOTP, especially with the whining about Franchise style. Also this sub seems to be quite hard core baseball fans so I expected there to be more cross over.I feel just like series fans wish to be interactive at the actual match. Perhaps that is why. They are used to actually playing games as opposed to simulation.

    I play OOTP off and on but the one thing keeping me from enjoying my franchises full time in that is you can't play the real games, only handle them. Like right now I am doing a Giants franchise however I simmed to 2021 and predicted up Bart, Ramos, Luciano, and Bishop. Now I can get a sneak peek at what the team has in store and revel in playing Cheap MLB 21 Stubs with a few new faces.