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  • Hey, I fixed this last month. It is a problem with xbox game company. Ah, I believe they really renamed the app to just"xbox (beta)" or something now so it might be known as that Meseta pso2.

    Have you seen someone so amazing you began yelling?

    I'm a new pso2 player Searching for tips to get the best experience possible in game

    I have pso2 the exact same day it started about the steam version and I can honestly state I really like the game. Thus far I've 35 hours at the game but I still feel like there is so much I have not learned. I am now a level 52 hunter along with my sub class is force and this class is level 30. Sadly, I awakened correctly leveling my mag since I just gave it whatever weak weapons was in my stock and now it is not balanced in terms of stats. Is there anything that I should be conscious of in regards to hitting late game? I'm already tackling very hard and super difficult quests and they're fun! Also where do I farm climbing weapon badges? I truly wish to put the time in to actually get excellent at the sport so any tips are appreciated. In addition, I plan to level up all courses to 30 as it is needed for the steam achievements.

    Start with a hunter guide... should give you good info on what things to do with your mag, subclass, and ability trees. Force is not a very good sub for hunter...

    Thanks for the information! I had been interested in force that's why I'd went with it. I will be leveling all my classes into 30 so it'll give me more than enough time to see which class is best

    This game isn't difficult at all (at least in our current state). So dont feel bad about making errors as nothing is truly permanent/undo able. Matters such as as mag levels could be reset and class skill points could be redone (albeit with Pso2 meseta buy xbox one a few caveats like awaiting patches). My final term of advice is find a team to join that you like, aside from benefits and bonuses that they could teach ya the match if they are willing.