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That The Prayer Flicking Procedure Would Be Doable

  • Nicely done. Watched every video, amazing series.This guy pees in hot water bottles, no doubt.The mill is impressive but what annoys me even more is how great this OSRS gold man is at making these movies. He did just that for five months and made one of the most boring grinds I really could possibily imagine, and still managed to make an entertaining video.

    I feel like it would have been a much better idea to just perform the 33 hour marathon session after for a 100% completion lol.If he wished to maintain his sanity I believe he should have just spent the first hour every day searching for the second clue. If not wait for the day. That way he's 15-16 hours to acquire the 3rd/4th.

    Would kind of suck not knowing if you're gonna be stuck in front of the pc for 16 hours daily, but nevertheless better than obtaining the second 12 or 13 hours and determining whether to drive hard for your third. Amazing accomplishment.I really dont get why he said he'd try with 2 steps. He never ended up doing this but that would waste a step for 2% completion chance rather than simply going to bed with a morytania step in his inventory, meaning he would have a big **** start on the subsequent day.At one point in the movie he did take his next measure to bed.

    Exactly. He probably felt the pressure.That might have been the hint of all time. You didn't hear?Not just was Woox the first player to defeat Zuk. He was the first player to achieve AND defeat Zuk with potions no food or armor. He took ammunition and weapons AND he did it without pillars. He let the dinosaurs ruin the pillars as quickly as possible.He pray flicked the entire thing.

    He did have an SGS along with runescape 2107 gold armour, but no supplies , only spells. Here is the thing, halfway through the series, he said"that this is a little too easy" and fucking dismantled it.This could be the most alpha move I've ever heard of.It is that the most classically Woox flex of all time.He also didn't use it to begin with.It wasn't half way that the run. It wasn't disassembled by him until wave 63.