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Reflect, Surge, Barge, Barricade, Etc

  • Turning the shot meter off will Once More give you an increase in 2K MT

    Here we proceed with Mike Wang tweets function as the source of gameplay varies. Can we get a sticky? 2K, because of the gen's entirety, has had issues with configurations. Whether it's an update, a new construct has been created, whatever the scenario, altering your settings still or defaulting happens. QoL improvements are wanted on that you pretty badly. This was my biggest criticism with 2K the past couple of years. I work in software development and there's no way should last for ages.

    This is so dumb, I know I'm gonna get downvoted for this but they creating **** way too easy with things like this, this is why people with 47 3 pointers can green. They just be doing too much to make shooting easier anyhow. You have hot zones? Well here's a zone hunter badge, to create your zone boost even boostier. Here's machine that is green. And hot start. And volume shooter. And also a no shot meter increase. Don't overlook the dimer increase! Shooting is too easy. You should not have the ability to shoot over 50 percent from three using a 60 3pt rating. Its ridiculous. I don't even know the purpose of a boost.

    There is just a lot of boosts. To start with the boost stand. Shot meter off boost, floor overall, dimer, sexy zone hunter, green machine, catch and shoot. And more. You are right, sad part is even with out the badges you can green up all day with 70+ three ball. I made a point electricity a few weeks back and I've been shooting a ball that was sharp with his 77 mid and 72 three. Rec centre I have to be shooting 80% and playground I am shooting over 70% with a complete 3 shooting badge updates (Silver quick draw and bronze range extender). Hell I even shoot with the meter.

    Im just sad 2K ruined my favourite easy ways to get mt 2k21 game with casino things and all that neighborhood ********. Attempting to milk everyone's money at this point. Doesnt even give a free update to ps5.Even fifa gives the ps5 version free of charge lol. Only my view need to be toxic. I still don't know the casino stuff that you are talking about? Are you referring to the tiny mini casino style games? Those happen when you win a match and it will take a ball fall to see what additional prize you get. There is no casino functionality or gambling in any way. Can you even possess NBA 2K21 bro? Just be honest.