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  • Each participant"card" from the game would include 10 slots that could be filled from the next: Team Chem, Scheme Chem, Physical Chem. X-Factor. Abilities. Secondary Position. If Chem multipliers must be considered in Select 10 I am thinking. For example x3 Broncos team chem would take 3 slots up. Although this system could really only impact the Madden nfl 21 coins players who are"activated" on the field, I believe it could enable greater equilibrium between skills. For example, a tier ability such as Homer will be worth 1 point but abilities like Evasive or Human Joystick would be worth. All X-Factors are worth two points apart from X-Factors that start activated which would be worth 3.

    This means that I would need to cut corners a bit and take out 2 abilities or possibly remove some chemistries and 1 ability instead of giving up 2. This is obviously only a brain child of mine and will 99.9percent never be a characteristic in MUT but it is fun to mess around and speculate.Here is a couple of mine audibles. It's annoying doing that every single game substitutions. So bothersome to do this every game. There up A power pass tracker. You know, so we do not have to power down a player we believe has a PUP simply to figure out he didn't have it. Squads is my favorite to perform. Something like a Squads Draft so many rounds to draft your team in which your friends and you get. I don't anticipate that to happen, but that.

    Actual wide receiver catches not this hit in the gut and they drop it every time, like make a one on one wide receiver not have no opportunity. Smarter ai, they have to respond after the drama is conducted every fucken moment. Like 2 corners or it's possible to adjust all you want but if they can do two spans or 2 outs, your players should start responding to it faster. The blitzes where players move around ought to be nerfed. You should not have the ability to fill the holes and allow 3 men cover the entire secondary. It's probably a speed issue overall where gamers are like blitz acrade mode the moment. I think madden sort of caters to an arcadey version of soccer they won't really admire any of our ideas.

    When their mind is turned, defenders should not be able to respond to the ball. This means no picks, and no instant turn around the ball has been thrown. Lurker should not trigger when the person is sprinting up area or the buy Mut 21 coins participant's **** is turned around. The situations it should trigger in is when the guardian is coming down and can actually be in position to jump for it, they're stationary/semi-stationary, or they're running parallel or at a downward angle to the line of scrimmage. User click on to a defender that has their **** facing away from the ball and doesn't have a way of knowing it is coming must have a 1 minute cool down period before they can trigger a catch animation.