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  • Add the g league, and not at a cut scene type way back or you play 2-3 games. If you're draft stock is bad or if you are at the nba and you suckthen you go to the gram Celtics for x number of matches until you prove that you're good enough to be in an nba roster. And add my player injuries. Injuries arrive with playing with 2k21 mt xbox one but don't make overwhelming. If you are player hurt one will only affect on the NBA court. NOT ON PARK/PRO AM/ REC. Do not make the injuries common or non existing. Give us a strength rating which we can update by going to clinic and the Gatorade training centre.

    Your teammates in my livelihood do not play like their real life counterparts. I am on the Mavericks and Luka is bad. He's only averaging approximately 17 on shooting percentages. He always bricks wide open shots, can't make his own shots off the dribble, along with his rebounding and assists numbers are worse than his rookie season too. In comparison to Porzingus who's averaging similar numbers to what he's used to. In my career Trae is having the exact same problem, with Harden doing exactly the same thing in 2K17. If it's because of limitations of the consoles or what but I hope it's improved idk.

    I am about the Lakers, LeBrons averaging about 8ppg. Never produces his own taste, doesn't do anything. Part of it I suspect is you player being on the group I guess. Would be wonderful to find a change. If your on a team with great players, ie Lebron, Harden etc that even if your player is good you maybe do not get the ball just as much or something due to those ball domimate gamers. I guess for"immersion" sake, so that I make sure my group has slightly realistic stats. I play 12 minute quarters, and LeBron's averaging 26 points and 9 assists.

    If you use him 14, to improve this, LeBron's a beast. I put him picks and give him the ball breaks, and he is nearly unstoppable. Different from game to game I guess., I play as pg, I will pass to LeBron out of a inbound and as soon I I pa's half court he'll return to me.Yeah, I play as a Center so it'll be different to get a PG. I do ordinary 9 assists too to LeBron. I discovered this method where should I predict a pick with buy mt nba 2k21 LeBron (or some other player), that if his defender defends in a specific way, I can press & hold Y to make LeBron cut into the basket and he will have a simple bucket. Simple way for me to make sure he receives points.