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In My Experience

  • Honestly it is poisonous both ways bc individuals never want perform against you (once you are large enough) I'm a Superstar 3 but randoms run off to different courts almost every single time and it's so frustrating. Yeah I agree man, I was one of those people waiting forever for the players so ultimately I played anybody but got stomped on since I never had pals to run with, shame as I do really like NBA 2K21. I might just not play the next 2K and stick to enjoying interesting games for next gen that's sad because nba 2k21 myteam mt used to be really enjoyable to play even with randoms.

    As I feel you. We're high rated 98/99 because when we had been reduced rated no one played with 22, but we play with any player. However after playing a ton, roughly 800 matches, I can honestly say the randoms you get are douchebags who shoot contested layups, throw contested shots up and don't pass. We find the occasional teammate and we go on win streaks, but for the most part man people do not be teaming up as past 95 level, your rank is dependent on your teammate grade. So if people get they drop in position. People don't give as many people chances, just my opinion from what I have experienced.

    Watch I had a dreadful win rate because when I started like I stated jumped onto park to ancient, but once I finally ended a season of my profession and also struck about 91 went back to park and people would walk away as my win rate was not the greatest, but im only out here trying to learn and get better in best place to buy mt 2k21. A good deal of people the moment you stand alongside them. ' Pulls on phone out' checks stats and walks away lmao. I know that's my own fault of course but no one wishes to play AI forever in my career.I had just like a 20-25% in 200-300 games but again you eventually find individuals to go on win streaks at or you simply learn how to win2 v 3 hahah. 600 games later I at a 52% win ratio. I feel as if shooting percentages are more important though, if they shoot like crap consistently then they're just the reason.If you want it Day 1, and restraint can't be exercised by you, then you are playing Publishers handson. They've a product, and you are prepared to pay what ever they are asking. Their cost is paid by you or you do not. If I was a child, and that I was in a shop with my parents, I'd sometimes see something I wanted, and I would get fussy, and rhyme at my mum,"mum pleaseI want it, I want it" 95% of the time my mum would return to me and say,"no, we do not have enough pennies for that". I'd be let down, her money would be saved by mum, until I'd forgotten, her child was frustrated for about 15 mins and then life goes on. The parent retains the money and the child learns they can not always get what they want. We were middle class, mum might have bought the toy. It's a risk. Fair point.