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That In This Movie

  • Continuation is raided by Significant group bosses like the scrapped. This stuff appears to continuously poll really low on surveys and is therefore not likely to be worked on which I think is a enormous shame as group bosses are my favorite thing to do in RuneScape gold sport, and the more larger group choices the better for a clan. Quests. Self explanatory. In terms of things I'd want to remain the same, honestly the battle system. Switches included. To me they are just abilities, switching is helpless if you're clicking them but I very much enjoy others criticise as"playing the piano" while bossing.

    Insert more quests, complete all the old storylines which were never completed/finished, implement lore with every upgrade there's heaps of missing bits of lore that now end at a dead end (Things like Olaf's Quest parchment. For an example on more updates that absence lore, Mining and Smithing rework gave a great deal of mystical ores and little info regarding how they are formed, only lately with the archaeology ability Zanik informs us that the Necrite ore just develops in regions that lots of people died on them, areas that had a literal genocide or even massacre. This makes the Resource dungeon on Al Kharid Mine far creepier if you think about it. New updates must have lore associated in some way with them.

    Boost old areas that no one dares visit it's the little things, why don't you add benches that everyone can sit in every city? Why not enhance the region with local flora and a few content that is only present there? Why not improve guilds that nobody uses such as cooking and the ranged guild guild, with tasks trendy benefits and reward system? Tone down MTX stuff a fair bit, this might be a little contentious, but MTX thus much has destroyed the worth of decorative armor which exists in RuneScape, people have literal zero reason to perform fashionscape with ordinary items anymore unless they have the money to spend on keepsake keys. MTX has also implemented Skilling outfits and items that are into skilling, a literal power creep.

    This stuff should have come as some type of benefit in old school runescape buy gold and make individuals pay for early access to them is simply unfair, even when you are planing on releasing the material three decades after. If the players wanted you could keep this decorative outfit material, but please implement a world that does not allow cosmetic outfits and also for Zamorak's interest, please decrease the size of some pets, we make it that your drake and yak pet is cool, but other gamers should not have their clicking region reduced because of you. That is what I think at the least, RuneScape has potential to be much better, its a pity that it doesn't get the attention and care it needs to grow.