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In Front Of The Tv Vs RuneScape

  • I can not imagine anyone in their right mind playing RS gold for thousands of hours rather than doing something else at the same time... I see many individuals here saying they should do productive things rather than playing OSRS. Am I wrong in getting presumed that no one merely plays RuneScape and does nothing else in the same time? I endlessly read, study, listen to audiobooks, listen to lectures, strategy company strategies etc. while playing RuneScape - and I honestly play a lot at the moment due to lockdown (got trapped overseas for weeks without a way back haha). In reality, if I am not doing something I feel bored. I suggest that you do this if you don't man.

    Take what you identify as being productive, and do it. It will also ween you off RuneScape. It won't. However, at least your time will increase in productivity. Your post explains why"afk" is a spectrum for this particular community. Many people play with RuneScape and do something else while they're playing, unless it is a highly focused activity like raids (and I am sure plenty of people still watch shows while raiding). Hell, when I look back on my account progression it is usually tied to exactly what shows/YouTube videos I had been watching while doing that grind. I bet a lot of people can sympathize with me.

    You might have learned 69 languages within this moment! Etc" sentiment around. Well, guess what, most individuals do what they do in their spare time but they also play with RS at the exact same moment. zomg"

    It's sadly true but people will people will either refuse to take it (Because that is the RS subreddit which may be a little bit biased) or they will accept it and keep playing. It's easy to get addicted because of what OP's picture points outside. In my personal opinion. Around 90% of RuneScape is a total waste of time since attaining a high level isn't an issue of skill a matter of time. This is the reason why I sometimes look at individuals who purposedly acquire 200M XP in certain skill or get 99 in abilities they never use and wonder why the **** do they worry or why people celebrate it as an achievement as it actually requires no effort. Individuals can literally play RuneScape paying almost no attention to it while doing anything different, I do not remember a match requiring so little hard work and thinking to ever be great.

    Contrary to my expectations, it would seem that a great deal of players agree that old school runescape buy gold dependence is severely and real affect people's lives. Originally I was very curious to see how a lot of folks would disagree with the proposal that RS is addictive (or like you mentioned, just not care), downvote this, and proceed. That is why I suggested (in another remark ) this community might be somewhat toxic, as there is constant self-deprecation centered around RuneScape being exceptionally addictive and its players a hopelessly and endlessly addicted group. Although I found this funny, but so slowly did I begin to find it sad and frustrating. As for what you said about 90% of RuneScape being predicated around monotonous time investment rather than developing any ability within RuneScape (and the gloomy irony of the being called the"skill system"), god damn is an eye opener.