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RS gold aspect of missing

  • They do not. The purpose is not, your ability whether it will be done. Currently every thing in OSRS is available with luck/time even if you made a IM. We voted against discontinued rares in 2018 and 2013 as a community do not like the RS gold aspect of missing out because we are busy IRL. I'm wanting to make sure that the same is true here some rewards may just be available for the top X winners but there'll be none which aren't offered in a subsequent league, otherwise just X such things could ever exist in RuneScape around the GE, which isn't something that we (historically) have wanted. If that's the case then I don't care how hard it's to win these leagues. This is about equilibrium of the market.

    What about these rares that are discountinued that they provide out for materials and events online flow. Like the jugs of wine, the only way to get them from a fall celebration by a jmod. I am not sure I understand what you are referring to. Holiday things when dropped during holiday events are always got in subsequent years' holiday occasions. The jug is the only rare that I can find of the nature you're speaking about on the wiki. Can you have examples? Is the price of this jug not high if it is discontinued? Weird.

    They haven't released midsummer occasions for the past two years so there hasn't been any buy 2107 runescape gold fresh half jugs and discs of returning coming to RuneScape. But there is still a ton of them in sport. I joined in 2017, after the midsummer event. I guess that's why I haven't heard of these. I guess you are right that items that are discontinued do exist in OSRS so the precedent is there. This is unintentional, Although I feel? Sounds strange since people technically didn't vote for stopped rares but I suppose it had been an unintended result of cancelling (?) An occasion. Or is the event only irregular?