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Industrial Application Of Vane Pumps


    There are many well-known vane pump manufacturers in the country, and the pumps they provide have good mechanical efficiency. This ensures their smooth operation in a variety of applications; the most important thing is the automotive field.

    1. Important position in the automotive industry
    The pump enters multiple parts of the vehicle, for example:
    • Power steering
    • Boost
    • Automatic Transmission
    Vacuum pumps are used with brake boosters to provide braking in larger trucks. In addition to automobiles, vane pumps have also entered light aircraft systems.
    On an airplane, they help:
    • Heating and altitude indicator

    2. Medium and low pressure applications
    Some low-pressure gas applications for pumps include evacuating refrigerant lines and controlling automatic exhaust emissions through secondary air injection. Other medium-pressure applications for pumps include use in carbonated soft drinks and espresso machines.

    3. Laboratory experiments
    Rotary vane pumps have become an indispensable part of vacuum experiments in the field of physics and have entered the field of education. Here, the oil and the pumped gas are mixed in the pump. Both must be separated from each other externally. When the outlet and inlet chambers are large, the oil droplets fall as the gas rises. In the end, both exit through the exit and are therefore separated from each other.


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