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PU Notebook-Introduction Of 3 Kinds Of Notebook Paper


    Most of the inner pages of notebooks and notepads are Doolin paper, recycled paper, coated paper, and other special papers for customized notebooks. Recycled paper and Dowling paper are used for writing, and coated paper is used for printing color pages and advertising pages. The following is a brief introduction to the nature and characteristics of these three commonly used notebook inner pages.


    Dowling Paper

    Daolin paper (dào lín zhǐ): Also known as "Dao paper". A kind of more advanced paper, made of wood as raw material, and divided into two kinds of Maodaolin paper and Guangdaolin paper according to the luster of the paper surface. It was originally manufactured by Dowling Corporation of America.

    The correct name of "Dowling Paper" should be "offset printing paper" or "offset paper", which is a paper specially used for offset printing and also suitable for letterpress printing. It is suitable for printing monochromatic or multicolor book covers, texts, inserts, pictorials, maps, posters, color trademarks and various packaging products. Due to the complexity of offset printing technology, the requirements for printing paper are also high.

    Dowling paper has small stretchability, uniform ink absorption, good smoothness, tight and opaque texture, good whiteness, and strong water resistance. All wood Dowling paper: the pulp is mainly long fiber, the paper tear resistance Strong, excellent stiffness and high smoothness, it is the best grade paper for Doolin paper. Applicable to magazine inserts (transfer notes), books, product manuals, name cards, envelopes, desk calendars. The surface of Doolin paper is smooth, without wrinkles, and does not bleed. The color of the inner page paper is divided into beige, beige, pure white and other colors.

    Coated paper

    Coated paper, also known as coated paper, is made by coating a layer of white paste on the base paper and calendering it. The surface of the paper is smooth, the whiteness is high, the paper fibers are evenly distributed, the thickness is uniform, the stretchability is small, it has good elasticity and strong water resistance and tensile properties, and it has good absorption and reception status for ink. Coated paper is mainly used for printing pictures, covers, postcards, exquisite product samples and color trademarks. When printing on coated paper, the pressure should not be too high, and offset printing resin ink and bright ink should be used. To prevent the back from sticking, you can use methods such as anti-fouling agent and powder spraying. There are two types of coated paper: single-sided and double-sided.

    Weight: 70, 80, 100, 105, 115, 120, 128, 150, 157, 180, 200, 210, 240, 250 (g / m2) Among them: 105, 115, 128, 157 (g / m2) imported paper More specifications

    Flat paper specifications: 648 × 953, 787 × 970, 787 × 1092 (there is no roll paper in China yet). 889 × 1194 is the specification of imported coated paper.

    Recycled Paper

    Broadly speaking, the used waste paper is recycled to make recycled pulp, and the paper produced by replacing the wood pulp with it can be called recycled paper. For example, for industrial use, waste kraft paper boxes are used as the main raw material for production, and the gray bottom layer of general cardboard uses mixed waste paper as the main raw material for production. These products can be called industrial recycled paper. Generally, cultural paper used for writing and printing is made of bleached chemical log pulp as a raw material, and this kind of paper can also be made from waste paper raw materials. The produced cultural paper is called recycled paper. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) stipulates that the secondary fiber content must not be less than 50% to be called recycled paper. There is no national standard in China.

    The use of recycled paper has the following advantages:
    1. It can slow down the cutting speed of forest resources and protect the ecological environment;

    2. The service life of the landfill can be extended;

    3. Can save energy and reduce pollution;

    4. It can reduce the fatigue of eye reading.


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