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I'm working on attempt to EVE echoes

  • Awesome. I ended up being able to eve echoes isk piece together item and blueprint IDs via the data from /u/EveEchoesData, but it'll be super helpful for anyone else with the Echoes Market data dumps to have that data handy.I detected some missing data in various spots. Can it be helpful for you if I cross referenced my IDs from the IDs and singled out lost information which should reasonably exist? E.g, No T10 ships exist, however I remember watching some weird routine data for tech 6 and under.

    I actually just found a couple more things I was missing, they should be showing on the website in the upcoming few hours. Sooner or later, though, I will just start manually adding the items, so in the event that you keep seeing more items which are missing after now, please let me know!I'll be on the watch. Thank you for the heads up.How do we understand that this is accurate? Is this info in the developers pf EE? Or simply calculation speculation based on experiences from gamers on spreadsheets?

    I noticed some lost things such as Stabber cruisers and some of the level 2 weapon and navigation replacements. Is this because of low volume and so no data to show? Maybe imperfect thing IDs on your side?Any chance we could filter it to just Jita, or commerce hubs, ore even just highsec? I am using it to earn a discord bot for our corps ore buyback system, but the random additional high price purchase in null is throwing things off.

    I'm working on attempt to get the buy price to match up with people's expectations better, but you are correct, random outlier costs are definitely throwing things off. I will do some tests in the next few days with a few more experienced traders to attempt get the numbers to be more accurate. Frankly, I am not really experienced at Eve trading, I only discovered a way to put the info together, so I am glad others in the community are helping me to produce better heuristics so that the website will be useful.

    In terms of filters, I will add this to my todo list and look into that after I have a better understanding of the data. Thanks for the idea!I don't know how much historic data that you have, but I have a few weeks worth of manually collected Planetary Resource cost information. My sampling is just every 24 hours, so it is not likely to be that useful.I'm happy to help track prices and diagnose issues and develop improved heuristics. I have already plumbed your API through my Eve Echoes spreadsheets so I am completely committed to buy eve isk assisting get the best data possible to your site.