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  • Why does everyone use google sheets when EVE Mobile ISK excel would process this information faster?Man I've been using excel so long I completely forgot it is not free. I was just curious as to why and it makes complete sense thank you.Basically all of the reasons mentioned already and google also has some really wonderful scripting services available for it is spreadsheets. For example figuring out the ideal mixture of ores is a complex optimization problem which demands a bunch of linear algebra to fix. Google has some solutions that help a lot with this particular issue and I really don't think excel has this functionality so that it might require more custom code.

    Excel does, in excel solver I think. Just is not allowed by default with shine is all.That is accurate but I do not think excel has a service that exposes that solver when writing custom code to the sheet. You may surely use the solver via the excel interface but that this sheet is significantly more involved and requires a few customized coding.Awesome video and even better series of skill.

    Ofcourse it's the largest game in google play.I've done clash of clans, Pokemon go, a couple other people, this is undoubtedly the most engaging and intriguing mobile game I've ever played.It feels profound, it feels rewarding, it feels polished, it feels lived in, it feels epic... Can't start to lavish enough praise on it.The visitors issues are sort of like when a crazy awesome new restaurant opened in town with food that was in such high demand that the traces down the block. And the proprietor is scrambling to employ more employees and expand.That's a good thing!

    Gods your not wrong. I hope the feeling lasts, since I enjoy the genre haha, but there's **** all around that scrapes the itch.Best game, not just mobile, I've ever played.I'm not willing to go this way. EXTRA EXTRA, WATCH IT ALL HERE. The Battle of IGE-NE involving Querious Coalition and RED Coalition. Official video press release of this engagement. Only on EVE Echoes News Today. From fleets forming up, to a significant battle. You've got all of it.

    Great video. Can you notice some stuttering with telephone vs emulator using 300ish people?Stuttering is not the matter, desync proved to be a massive pain, I lost two doctrines because of our bubble drifting off from the gate in my display and me attempting to trace it. Bubble was not really moving on the server.What telephone do you use?Was playing my iPad Pro and S20 Plus, both had problems with desync. Its a server problem vs a client issue.I only play phone and eve echoes isk buy honestly, around 300 people, it does get a bit laggy.