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I'm trying to figure out the perfect way to RuneScape

  • Now, I'm trying to figure out the perfect way to OSRS gold level, with the very best equipment I will get. So, a few questions: What barrows set is very good for strength training? - The way You've asked the question, the Solution is"Dharok", but I'd like to assert that dharok is a little dangerous, so I reccomend either saradomin sword (if you can afford) or dragon scimitar (with rune guardian offhand) with large level armour

    Which weapon should I purchase to go for that set? - This kinda made my last response outdated. Well finest barrows defence is TORAGS but it has a shocking weapon and astonishing unique ability. However the DHAROKS collection effect is brilliant for coaching strength even though somewhat insecure. For the questions sake I'd go with torags plus a saradomin sword (if you can manage ) or dragon scimitar (with rune guardian offhand) What accessories should I have? (Rings, ammies, etc. ). I only have black gloves and a bronze shield ) - This is not my field of experience but I will try anyways. OFFHAND: If you have been able to get a bronze shield I reccomend putting time into getting a rune one. GLOVES: I hear battle bracelet is great? Sorry I have no thought I use barrows gloves

    What is the best location to get a lvl 93 using 74atk 80str 71def to train if using monks? - lvl 93... Something that works for you. Look this might seem dull and not answering the query, but it requires a fair time to get a monster which you can train effectively at the you LIKE. I really like it - move all the time. We are both nearly the same levels. I'm sorry, other folks can answer this question better than I can. I've been using bandits the past day or so and leveled twice, but Im curious as to whether there is something better I can be doing to go up faster. All help is appreciated so talk about what you believe I need to do. Thanks.

    I am usually distributing my workers between cutting and fishing walnut. Raw fish is in steady demand and also the nests from woodcutting earn investment into maples rewarding. To be able to maximize the throughput go and perform the favours every second day or so, thus your employees are as happy and productive as they may be. My only warning about walnut is that arent the output signal from nests random? So couldnt I theoretically get like 50 acorns from my 1m? But fishing seems like it would be a great one, thanks to the thought.

    It is best to maintain them fishing uncooked poultry and flax, if you are prepared to twist the flax into bowstrings. If you are not eager to spin flax, set the workers to fishing and mining coal or cutting on maples. The latter is good if you're training Firemaking. Prevent hardwoods at all costs, since the amount you get along with the price they sell to buy 2007 runescape gold get doesn't add up to much.