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The demo is basically 2K21 using a fresh coat of paint

  • Half of Nba 2k21 Mt the games problems are readily observed using a couple quickplay games. God I hope next gen differs. (I really do enjoy the updated archetypes base abilities tho.) It is not too difficult. Literally. That is pretty much just MyCareer in general if you do not buy VC.

    Honestly, MyCareer is unplayable in case you don't pay to boost your stats. However, you have stats and badges from the demo. I will be honest, using the shot stick is not as awful as I think people are making it outside. I actually find it much easier to use on the FT. To add to this, I still have not figured out how to do the negative jump right to a shooter using the rod alone. This can only be done using the button it sounds. Unless I'm doing something wrong

    We're getting suckered... is I will say about it. The demo is basically 2K21 using a fresh coat of paint. I am gonna wait till the game's available. It just ain't worth the $60 (or $100 if you're you are that much 2K simp). So that tells me current gen is 2k21 rereleased with extra features. Then next gen is actual likely to be the newest 2k21. Which is just dishonest. They did this when they transitioned from PS3 to PS4. Attribute to badge point allocation remains terrible. Depending on the pie chart, you'll have 5 shield bars filled while just having 1 badge. This means that you need to spread your attributes to the appropriate places.

    I made some experimentation with the blue/yellow graph. PG gets 400 attributes, SG gets 415, SF gets 418. By putting the features in exactly the very same places but only altering the place, Pg gets more finishing but less shield (19f, 3D), SG gets less finishing but more shield (17f, 6 defense), SF gets even less completing but more defense (15f, 7D). Note I didn't fill out the entire category, only the very important ones such as peremiter, lateral, steal and drebound.

    It's still the same futile movement. To start with, it appears difficult to activate. However, when you triumph, why the hell that your guy does not go into the basket? Rather than moving closer to the rim, it does a sort of fade slow animation which is impossible to mt for sale 2k21 hit. Hope I explained it well.