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He felt that the pressure to get RuneScape gold

  • Kind of suck not deciding whether to RuneScape gold push for the third and knowing if you're gon t be stuck in the front of the computer for 16 straight hours but nevertheless better than getting the 12 or 13 hours in. Amazing accomplishment. I dont get why he stated he would attempt with two steps. He never ended up doing it but that would waste a measure for two% completion chance rather than simply heading to bed with a morytania step in his inventory, meaning he would have a large **** start on the subsequent day. At one point in the video he did shoot his second step to bed.

    Exactly. He felt that the pressure to get it. That might have been time's clue. Even surpassing people who were able to pull over one 3rd age piece from one clue. Would happen to be up there with C Engineers most legendary runescape tank evaluation at Barrows & Woox killing Zuk with no armor and no food/potions. You didn't hear?Not just was Woox the player to conquer Zuk. He was the first player to reach AND defeat Zuk with armor, potions or no food. He took ammunition and firearms AND he did it. He let the dinosaurs ruin the pillars as quickly as possible. He pray flicked the entire thing.

    He did have only charms although armour, but no gear along with an SGS. Here is what, halfway through the run, he said"that this is a little too simple" and fucking dismantled it. This might be the very alpha action I've ever discovered of. It is the most classically Woox bend of time. He also did not utilize it to start with. It was not half way the run. He did not disassemble it . Nevertheless impressive he did a no supply encounter though. Doesn't really matter when he disassembled it anyway, because he didn't even use it all before that. Well yeah, but he hadn't used it yet anyway.

    When that clip came out I was in shock, I remember. Occasionally I still go back and watch it in disbelief. Even more badass he did it after somebody else did 3 capes with no banking. His reasoning was with a no distribution run he could do it"infinite" times. I may be out of the loop but he did use armour? Unless isnt that is ancestral and armadyl believed armour. Also he did have and utilize columns because run. No pillars was distinct run where he'd have armour, weapons, brews, pots and everything except for pillars. I mean someone could just link the vid that you is without meals,he has done another completion without pillars as far as I know nobody has ever done inferno without meals or pillarsNeverthless amazing runs.

    Why do people kill zuk healers with bloodstream barrage. That looked so much simpler than the individuals that get hauled by blowpipe. Much reduced dps. It's like 1/2 the dps. I guess that means you'll confront more mage/ranger waves since zuk heals more and he will be enraged for longer. But I've seen soo many men and women die because of blowpipe pathing it feels like it'd be worth it for a few. Since charms are double the assortment of the bp you also get some increased dps. And healing you don't have to buy OSRS gold worry about brewing mid healers.