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I must face him back to back next like game 1 at TOR and NBA 2K

  • When buy nba 2k21 mt coins slow down players harden etc, LeBron move/slide round the ground on some ocassions when closing in on them if they have an invisble force field. But this wasn't it. Men like Kevin Love took to their heels when siakam approached the rim to shut non existent opponents on the perimeter out. I thought for a second my team mates were doing this on purpose to sully my achievement as I refused to pass them the ball to the end since they were atrocious on offense too. The sole reason was because I closed in on record that is wilts. I 've always talked up my team mates to maintain chemistry and updated floor general to gold even though I never understand the badge popping up once I help.

    I think Floor General is just one of those badges that are active as you are on the ground.Let us go Raptors, honestly that is the team I'm scared of to play against man im a 93 OVR 3-level scorer PF so im gonna be the one guarding him lol when I played with the dollars at the beginning of the year it was mainly me and Giannis scoring for both of our groups we all had a close game overall just barely won 156-155, I had 85pts 20rebs 8asts 3blks 5stls, while Giannis had 79pts 24rebs 12asts 3blks 8stls like frankly it was a buzzer beater to create that score at first it was a 3 however after the review it was a two thankfully because of one of those bucks players (do not remember who took the last shot) foot was online when he took the shot. Now I must face him back to back next like game 1 at TOR and NBA 2K21 two in the regular season in MIL 2 days later. Welp guess it's time dor my own funeral.

    Mainly because he stages by your player and legally moves your guy around (even without their legs moving at times) for his spots for those dip cartoons. Defense doesn't even register. He is the dude in PNO with participant select because of this. Too many fools believe that they're great because they can vacuum every plank and get mad dunks with minimal effort. If you win with him there is no bragging.

    It would not even be an issue if it was easier to make and level new characters. But that is not how it functions. 2K offers for making sub-optimal or flat out broken builds zero protection. They happily allow you to sink hours of your own time and heaps of your dollars to flawed characters, allow you get your ass beat (because there's no matchmaking) by people who know the meta, and laugh all the way into the bank when you fall even more money to make a new player. It is all so catered to the YouTube/Twitch crowd, it is crazy. You're either plugged into the meta, or you are thrown to the wolves.

    Exactly, could not have stated it better myself. People don't understand what I mean when I state Youtubers have ruined NBA 2K21 in a way as they're so jaded by fandom. And yes 2K knows precisely what it's doing.I been saying youtubers break rpg established games. Everyone believes that only one build is great. 2K doesnt have to enhance the archetype system if everyone is using the logical build. They dont need new animations if we are using exactly the very same ones. They dont have to fix mycareer (against ai) when nobody plays with it. Thankfully most individuals are in limbo wanting to find out the meta in order that they are predictable and you'll be able to cheap Nba 2k21 Mt get off meta stuff. Nba live you can get away with it but.