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We get Elemental boots and bodies in RuneScape

  • Why do vampires like Vanstrom appear to RuneScape gold have no access to protection prayers? There is an altar in Darkmeyer, so that they should have access. Keep from melee could have aided him during the pursuit. Is there any chance that Silverlight could end up getting updated via blisterwood in order to resist with vampires? It does not have exactly the unpredictability of a flail, but it is powerful enough to defeat demons such as Delrith and Agrith-Naar, who would likewise be undefeatable.

    Moreover, will we ever see any lore on Silverlight's production or origin? I don't believe even RS3 has any lore on that, besides that Wally used the blade. Why is Desert Treasure not a requirement for any of the quests, such as Sins of the Father? I would very much like to find involvement or some lore in the participation of Ruantum, in addition to Malak in future vampire quests. Learning more information about Dessous from quests might be interesting.

    We receive a fantastic clarification on flow stakers are currently getting banned for paying back with interest and loaning gp staking. And this is why they are being banned by you guys for. Commission staking is earning money from somebody bet it, take% with that stake on win and when he loses it isnt your problem and you dont need to pay back anything. Thats commission staking clear and simple. He chooses the cash gambles it if he loses he doesnt get in almost any debt, or is it hes problem and provides you rest personally and if he wins he gets a % of it.

    And this is debt/loan/interest staking. He receives a loan stakes it, if he wins he pays back with lets say 10% interest. He chucks the 1b gp, he wins, he dominates the man 1,1b and contains 900m for himself, and if he loses he still has to cover 1,1b. thats not commisson, because the guy loaning isnt in any risk of dropping hes gp, he'll get paid if its a win or lose. A fantastic clarification would be good for everyone involved in this situation.

    We get Elemental boots and bodies in RuneScape such as it had been at 2012 Runescape or something. These were actually nice decorative and low level defence armours, as well as a reason to generate a new elemental workshop pursuit or even put in the existing one in to RS. The mechanisms still are imo, although I understand you guys are operating on the Deathmechanics. Individuals should be scared to expire at a boss with their very best gear since they can lose their items or cheap OSRS gold somebody else can pickup their items.