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These all fit in RuneScape lore-wise

  • Not to mention even in the event that you have really bad RNG at pet hunting, you're still earning something in your grind such as PVM money and buy RS gold boss item log completion, and XP. Of obtaining a pet you're pissing away time and money with no benefit until you get the pet itself, with this method you suggest. I could see the frustration about that inducing long time players to stop, and making the concept of pet amassing altogether less attractive given there is currently a pet in RuneScape which is almost impossible for the overwhelming number of players to obtain.

    Jagex could you design MTX outfits using a regard for lore? I get that you have a desire to satisfy investor needs but more than half of the things I see are basically"looks good but has nothing to do with RuneScape at all" outfits. It misrepresents RuneScape for players that are new. I would at least like to see them do exactly what they did with the EDs and really use the cosmetics/pets from npc designs. Having said that, I have no idea how they would ever work the bizarre, glowing, ethereal bodies you get with the Vitality/Stormborn/Starfury/Equuis/etc. sets into lore. That would have to be a kind of race that is entirely different.

    I always thought the starfury material and such fit in more with the lunars/zanaris/weird cosmic realm **** that apparently is something, but was not really touched on outside of those dream quests. Yes I'm glad you brought up what they did in ED. By way of example, seeing a Dragonwolf and Drakes in ED2 honestly fit really well with the laboratory theme--random dragon concoctions somehow alive due to the dragonkin. It made them feel a part of RuneScape, more than they did at start. They could do something at even the Stormguard Citadel or Everlight?

    Skypouncers were charged as companions into this Icyene, so that they could easily add in a line or two in among those Everlight journals to begin, and then maybe actually set them in match in New Domina if we go there. You just made a suggestion that was pretty good! The assets are already there. I'm convinced a lot of folks would be thrilled to see NPC equipment be published. Wouldn't cost them a lot to do because they are not even paying a design group to make design from scratch, its a win win. I believe that the plan process is a part of the overall price. The cartoon is your lifting afaik.

    While I agree with this principle, the problem is that then we simply wind up with outfits which should be available from ingame sources being given away from MTX instead. These all fit in RuneScape lore-wise, however they also could consequently have been awarded as rewards in the related ingame content instead. I would have loved to see a followup mini quest that would've given one of the desert treasure armour. I'm stuck opening my chests to get a decorative item. And rs3 gold even then I can not use them as overrides until I get one full collection.