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It is standard of PSO2 it appears

  • Both existed in PSO2 for a time as lower-tier rares(they were wired lances,) but Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta if the NT weapon system came out a massive quantity of the 7-9 celebrity rarity weapons obtained only... thrown outside. Maybe we'll see a weapon camo to it afterwards since OT weapons are unobtainable in NA. I'm pretty certain they were both left behind when the OT/NT change happened and Falclaw WL was 11stars, although IIRC Neiclaw WL was 9stars. All those camos from the photon booster shop used to be by grinding the **** weapons that you could farm. Rather than having them for every individual weapon, them compressed to camos.

    And I enjoy the narrative / writing. But the way is bad. And it sounds like this is a step'up' from the way it started. The thing frustrates me so much because PSO 1 did it wonderfully. PSU. I really don't understand what happened in PSO2, except to assume that the first implementation was created to artificially drag the storytelling out within a longer period of time... Which is a terrible design decision.

    I have never played any other pso match, so I'm not certain how it compares, but it seems like they designed Pso2 to be overly modularly instanced in the get go and such a system does not lend itself well to an incorporated linear storyline. It is weird though because they've scripted events happen inside quests, so it seems like they might have readily made Story Quests which take Expeditions and have them trigger cut scenes because you proceed through the map, just then call those Story Quests rather than having them all separated. In any case, I totally hate the present system and it's actually slowed down my play of pso2 as I'm not interested in playing only for the purpose of leveling up my character, without the story being significant to the play I do not feel as though there's a reason for my efforts.

    Personally I really dislike the writing, which makes it harder to slog even though a menu driven narrative, but I feel as though it'd still get me into the game, even though I did not like the writing, though it had been better integrated. Without some storyline cohesion everything feels like chores that serve no function. The Role Play aspect is made into desktop fodder. It's disappointing because originally I thought it was an intriguing world based on what I played with at the closed beta, but then I got beyond the guided part and it's only all menus and endless map runs. Is that typical of a PS game? It turned me off from attempting others.

    It is standard of PSO2 it appears. The elderly Phantasy Star games were traditional JRPGs (for the large part. The handled dungeons relatively uniquely to the time period), so if you are into these things they're reasonably pleasurable. And funny enough PSO1 did precisely what you're suggesting, so you can see why this implementation is frustrating when they already had it figured out. This was a bizarre measure for them even considering it is original execution, as apparently parts of it was nearer to that. You would do a few meaningless Kill X Collect Y quests, and cheap PSO2 Meseta then it would"Unlock" a narrative scene that would then spawn on a level as a floating tag that played with the scene in question.