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For me personally it was both lol

  • It has a decent spec for PvP. Not actually a PvPer but much like nox weapons, Mirrorback is like vengeance on OSRS gold  crack on heritage mode. Since the Zaros Godsword has been given its own market, the scythe is the only weapon in its tier not outclassed by a t92. And if used properly it can still lay down some serious DPM, particularly given the tactical advantage of not needing to stand in melee distance of your opponent.It is your best slayer weapon in RuneScape. Hands down, nothing surpasses at the AoE of this scythe. This weapon was made to slice, dice and disembowel. It fundamentally changed how people looked in slayer and eliminated the requirement for a multicannon for efficient melee slaying.

    It inspired the very best melee weapon on Old School RuneScape. A scythe from Morytania dropped by an arachnid supervisor who can hit multiple targets at once? It did not fail as a market weapon. Items such as Torag's Hammers, Verac's Flail, Javelins, etc may have looked cool, but they really made waves as amazing weapons. In reality, earlier EoC, Torag's Hammers were considered worse than a rune scimitar and they suck Old School. The scythe is cool because it's not among those"standard" weapon types, i.e. Bow Staff Sword, Bow Staff Sword, Bow Staff Sword, Bow Staff Sword. This uniqueness is one of the things which gave the abyssal whip its legendary status. How long do you think it will be before we see that a t92 chakram set? t92 sling? t92 pike? t92 oudachi? I presume it's going to be a very long time. At the moment, the single most unique high-level weapon out there's the noxious scythe. It can be dyed and particles.

    15 years ago I remember dying here How times have changed

    For me personally it was both lol. Made my first accounts and walked to Varrock and expired to wizards. Freaked out that I had lost everything I had and decided it would be a lot easier to just make another account, so I did and went another direction toward Falador and expired to highwayman lol. So I chose a third account and did the same thing, and that one lived and is currently my main! Lol I also expired to the Wizards and chose to make a new account. Saying losing my crappy range of bronze-steel equipment, runes, and 1k cash stack seemed like much too large a set-back to cheap RS gold  conquer.