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Because there is no 3pt

  • A few years ago I posted on here an idea to rejuvenate mycareer. I will attempt to keep it brief but it was basically it is possible to begin your career in almost any era, 60s, 70s, 80s,90s. It'd open NBA 2K20 MT up. Consider starting in precisely the exact same draft class since Jordan, you can compete at the"mix" or whatever they had back or play with his nc team at the NCAA championship, go into the nba and eventually become his greatest rival instead of the **** boys.

    How cool is to begin in the 03 draft course and then compete with that draft class that is epic. So far as the progression, it would take a lot but they could fit up the moves the teams made up to transactions and ****. So Steve Nash is a Mav, when you started, but years in he's an MVP caliber player for those suns. This could bring into a brand new marketplace of fans to 2K. Heads are sooooo thrilled to relive these moments, but they're part of it. Yeah, it would be lol that is mythical.

    To add to the thought, based upon your age would factor in the kind of player your player was or add certain player types. For example 90s era would be the flyers, Vince, mj, tmac, Kobe's era. You may be a tweener like MJ, Uber athletic but tough as hell and physical, if you're in the 80s. You'd be a type player such as Julius Irving or pistol Pete and.

    Because there is no 3pt shot Nobody would play with anything, 2K players wouldn't know what to do together. So true lol. But even if that is the case, because I'm sure as hell not enjoying in the 70s when there was like 15 teams, you can make the cutoff 1984. When the GOAT came to be, because that is. Basketball blew up after Mj, it would be sooo cool to play with a profession through that.

    I truly love this thought, I would kill to have the ability to play with/against a number of those legends. That will require the NBA to get the rights to a lot of those previous players that I don't see them spending the cash to do. It's sad because this would be an idea. Consistently name my dude O'Neal to get Shaq, would really like to actually play with him.I know the rights would be a problem, but there are a ton of legends already in NBA 2K20, the players you do not have rights to they would have to perform the whole number thing. For instance #33 (Larry bird) is still Larry bird, large white guy but he is #30 only with the stats of Buy 2K20 MT Larry. Things like this.