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PGA fans worry that NBA 2K21 will be destroyed by microtransact

  • After the announcement of NBA 2K21, fans were very excited about the new PGA game, but also very worried that publisher 2K would suppress it through microtransactions. Golf fans worry that NBA 2K21 will be destroyed by filling in microtransactions, just like NBA 2K20.
    Though it'll be the primary game within the new PGA Tour 2K series, it'll be its second time that 2K has published a game with the PGA Tour license. In 2018, 2K published The Golf Club 2019, which was developed by HB Studios. The Golf Club 2019 was seen as a shaky outing, getting middling scores from most reviewers, but it seems to possess been enough to convince 2K to Buy MT 2K21 require another swing at golf games.
    While 2K could also be desperate to start making games under its PGA Tour partnership, fans have some reservations. The replies to a tweet from 2K announcing the sport is filled with comments from players about how excited they're for the sport, together with lots of skepticism about 2K itself. Specifically, players worry that the sport are “ruined by microtransactions,” citing the publisher's handling of its NBA 2K and WWE 2K franchises. 2K haven't released any solid information about what to expect from PGA Tour 2K21, including what its monetization plan is, but if its past games are any indication, microtransactions will likely be there in some capacity. The publisher says it'll share more about the upcoming game on May 14. https://www.mmospt.com/ is the most trusted game provider. Their 2K21 MT are purely artificial, the vast majority of players buy here.
    It might seem unfair to assume that 2K will overburden PGA Tour 2K21 with microtransactions when there's so little information about it available, but the publisher's own memoir feeds into that fear. NBA 2K was infamously filled with microtransactions, inciting fans to bombard it with negative reviews on Metacritic and Steam. Even reviewers who generally liked the sport said that 2K's aggressive monetization actively hurt it, with Screen Rant calling out its “near-dystopian approach to microtransactions.”WWE 2K20, on the opposite ****, didn't have the identical problems with microtransactions but was rendered nearly unplayable by bugs.
    It is too early to make a judgment, but it is easy to understand why fans are so worried. However, according to the data released by 2K a while ago, it may be eliminating or confirming what fans are most worried about.