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The update seems to fix the MyTeam Unlimited Glitch issue in NB

  • NBA 2K21 patch 13 has been released, and users will encounter some problems when making changes, such as short downtime. Don't worry too much, the new latest update has also been released, the purpose is to solve MyTeam Unlimited Glitch problem. Some members of the 2K community entered the substitution screen before the MTU game and something unusual appeared.
    This action was forcing the user to restart and absorb losses in MTU, which could derail someone’s try and finish 12-0, thereby denying them a good shot at their reward.
    It will likely take 8-10 hours before we all know as expected if this patch has addressed this issue, and if it's, if the fix was successful. Visit https://www.mmospt.com/nba-2k21-mt to buy NBA 2K21 MT Coins.
    Secondly, we’ll even have to attend to determine if there have been the other aspects of the sport changed. Over the course of this release cycle, 2K has either not released patch notes, or released information days after the update hit, and lacking the kind of depth we’ve become at home with seeing across the gaming industry.
    As we sit so near the potential release of NBA 2K21 in late-summer, it’s unclear what percentage more patches are released for NBA 2K20. The developer might need been finished large patches, but the work of these seeking to bypass the game’s intended functionality may have created a small amount of maintenance for the developers and engineers.
    In case you’re wondering once we should begin to listen to the primary little bit of news on NBA 2K21, keep your eyes open round the end of June, and therefore the beginning of July. Last year, the duvet athletes for the NBA 2K21 MT For Sale quality and legend edition were revealed on legal holiday. That announcement usually gets the information machine rolling for NBA 2K.
    However, due to the global outbreak of new coronaviruses, it has brought huge impact to some influential industries in real life. Therefore, there may be a certain change in time, but it will not exceed one month.