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Rocket League action on the sector will still be an equivalent

  • The developer has also announced that the game’s core gameplay shall remain an equivalent , however, there'll be updates to the game’s menus so as to form navigation easier.

    Psyonix has also promised that they're going to revamp a number of the game’s major features like tournaments Rocket League Items . The update also will see cross-platform progression between aforementioned consoles.

    "Rocket League action on the sector will still be an equivalent core Buy Rocket League Items, high-octane hybrid of sports and action you're keen on today and shortly , even more players will share that love.”

    Upon the game’s switch to liberal to play, anyone who purchased or played Rocket League before the update are going to be granted “Legacy Status.” this may include a load of exclusive cosmetic items, like a title that displays the primary year you played Rocket League.