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Blizzard Discusses the way to Clear Botting From World Of Warcr

  • As World of Warcraft Classic continues to grow, it's been accepted by more and more players while many problems have emerged. as an example , this cheating with botting has seriously damaged the economic fairness within the game.

    As we mentioned before, Blizzard has banned 74,000 WOW Classic accounts, but it's clear that this doesn't fundamentally affect the botting issues, so as to stop it from being worse, Blizzard will take further measures.

    Starting from now, all players are going to be restricted to playing World of Warcraft Classic only 30 instances per day.

    This has been repeatedly tested by Blizzard that it takes a minimum of an hour for a mean player to run a dungeon or instance, simply put, albeit someone stays ahead of the pc for twenty-four hours a day , it's still impossible to finish 30 instances with none shortcuts. Therefore, the restriction doesn't affect the gaming time of ordinary players.

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