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Yi Jianlian and Mutombo appear in Buzzer Beater Packs released

  • NBA 2K released Buzzer Beater Packs, including powerful player cards, on the 19th of last month. Players can find the Galaxy Opal version of the super centers Dikembe Mutombo and Peja Stojakovic and the Diamond version of the Chinese center Yi Jianlian. They can go to the auction house to bid for these amazing player cards by an amazing number of NBA 2K20 MT.

    Players can find out which powerful player cards are in the set in the official trailer broadcast by 2K. Most players desperately want to own the Galaxy Opal version of the super centers Dikembe Mutombo and Peja Stojakovic. Mutombo's inside score and athletic ability are both up to 94, and his defensive ability has reached an astonishing 97 points. The reason why players continue the GO version of Mutombo is to use him to strengthen the internal defense and scoring ability of the entire self-built lineup. Peja Stojakovic, who scores 97 points on the perimeter, is a great option for players to supplement the SG position in their lineup. Although his defense and inside scores and sports scores are relatively poor, he can provide players with a stable outside score.

    The former NBA sixth overall power forward Yi Jianlian also got his diamond version this time. He has 21 gold medals and 32 HOF badges. Although he is a power forward, he scored 89 points on the outside, 87 points on the inside, and even 92 points in rebounding. Stephon Marbury player card is an additional player card for this event. Starbury with a total score of 95 has 29 gold medals and 20 HOF badges.

    Only people with strong economic strength can buy so many expensive player cards. They can also Buy NBA 2K21 MT at the auction house to get the specific player card they want. The price of the GO version of Stojakovic has exceeded 130,000 NBA 2K20 MT and diamond version of Yi Jianlian is about 100,000 to 110,000 2K20 MT. Players only need to spend 38,000 Cheap NBA 2K20 MT to get the diamond version of Marbury.