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Some of the larger youtubers on the RS3 scene

  • Its. The material was received, brought back a few previous players (including myself) and RS gold attracted some new ones. This having been said, using players comes a new perspective and problem. I believe now is a great time to look ahead and outline some of the biggest gripes brand new and old players have with RuneScape (MTX will not be discussed, as that is a whole topic on its own).

    Server lag and capacity: As has been mentioned many times within this sub (2-3 times now at least), the servers can't handle inhabitants of more than 300-400 players. In a great deal of cases players opt for a ping globe than a population one that is higher. This not only hurts the aspect of RuneScape sport, but also breeds resentment towards acquiring new players, as players means worlds to PvM in.

    UI layout and scaling: Can you inform me in the top of your **** where in the setting I can change my combat style (i.e. agressive to defensive)? If my membership will run out, or where I could see? Or better yet, did you even know that you may start the slayer log from the beasts tab? There are a lot of things in there but the whole design is very confusing to get a new and old players alike. It requires addiional time incestment where are located, to learn and is very offputting. This shouldnt be the case, that the UI should be as intuitive as you can, not a job to navigate through. And of course that the lack of scalability (why do we only have just one dimension for texts and some UI components?) Along with the tendency of every interface.

    Tick speed: Left the largest problem for last. The tick rate in RuneScape is way. Im not talking about the grind taking to long or something like that, im talking about the responsivenes of all RuneScape game. How many the PC to move, just how a lot of you are of you're infuriated every time once the PC respond to your inputs before its too late? This is what im talking about, due to the tick speed RuneScape game seems very unresponsive at times, especially during PvM and combat. This has been brought up many times already and Jagex has shown us that they know of the (or at least I hope so) during Runefest (the large tick speed gameplay footage), so I am hopeful that this problem will in fact be addressed shortly (tm).

    This was a slightly longer post outlining some of the biggest problems I experienced RuneScape match, combined with the remarks some of the larger youtubers on the RS3 scene (the RS man, Maikeru etc.) expressed in their movies and some remarks out of new players I fulfilled. Im interested do you believe that these are problems or that RuneScape match is good as is. The server lags are insidious. Ping can read a 30ms for me on Australian servers, until I get to Telos. Then suddenly the small-drags throw my time off to buy 2007 runescape gold. I miss surges since the server stutters. I can become full-on stinks. Each of the time, ping remains 30ms. Which is fucked, to be honest.