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When you're running around the neighborhood

  • You men do this same wish list ******** each year that NBA 2K Coins goes unheard. They have already got the foundation for 21 performed. They gave exactly the same park as this past year just altered the manner in which that you construct your player. And I really don't think you gont see some thing for Ps5 using 21. Considering that doesn't start until Christmas and NBA 2K comes out. I remember being really disappointed when xbox 1 and ps4 weren't better compared to consoles, graphics were not much better. Used to be when you went to SNES to N64 and PS1 to PS2 to PS3 the fluctuations were enormous.

    I can not say since I did, I did not notice a major jump. I believe that gap is diminishing for sure although graphical difference and the performance difference was noticeable. Tech can only be pushed so far. We have matches in 4K on consoles and we're just starting work on 8k Movies but that's very few and far between right now. I believe as images will only be able to receive so much better future consoles will probably be about performance than images. But that was at least the focus with the Xbox Series X, the load times with matches is LIGHTNING fast which is actually impressive.As much as 2K is worried they can do a great deal with NBA 2K but only so much you can do on a 12-month cycle plus they make billions from folks releasing minor games that are upgraded. Might as well keep going as long as their is no competition and individuals are purchasing.

    Can we talk about the completely unrealistic jerky moves when you transfer your participant a different direction? I've never noticed an NBA player in real life move as though they're just like a boat being steered in tumultuous water... There is way too much resistance when moving your player in another direction and it does not reflect real physics which I think they were attempting to perform by not allowing you to make sudden changes in direction if your momentum gets you moving one way. NBA players are athletic and quick, they could change directions quickly and do not go all clunky and uncoordinated with the chunk.

    Even off the court when you're running around the neighborhood it feels like you have super limited control over the management you operate in, it's bothersome when the gme forces you to bump into arbitrary objects and run up the staircase by the 2s courts because you can not control your player direction. And how NBA 2K slows you COMPLETELY down fastbreaks because again, the motion mechanics in NBA 2K have you ever turn around and accelerate in another direction with the rate of a 400lb fatass motherfucker to Buy NBA 2K20 MT even with all the Downhill badge so that even if you're WAY ahead of everyone else your ass will get blocked from going to get a fastbreak dunk/layup.