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EA but you could look at Assassins creed

  • Madden should proceed the Tekken/street fighter route and just have a year pass Mut 20 coins for Madden NFL. It is the exact same engine couple of yrs just update the rosters, uniforms, animations when needed. Theypiss off fans and 'll still make a cent. Perhaps once the next gens roll out... lmao Wishful thinking, I know.I mean that's essentially what it's they just bill us the cost of the complete game for every new season instead of $25. If they priced it just like that I feel a whole lot people would forgive all the problems with Madden NFL to be fair.

    I can't count the number of times the ball has thrown away while being inside the tackles grounding penalty is called. Also illegal contact is rampant, I'll put a receiver at a streak and he will get bumped and thrown off his route 7-8 yards down the area which is illegal. The worst is that the AI. The display will say throw off as he launches the ball 15 metres out of bounds while he stands in the pocket and doesn't call intentional grounding. It's fucking bs.

    EA shouldn't make a game if the season doesn't proceed. They ought to concentrate on making Madden 22 a lot better than 20. It is reasonable. MUT is exactly the exact same every year. They could use the extra year to generate Franchise and Face of the Franchise more and a lot better in depth. ****, Madden 10 had a more in depth Franchise than 10. Madden 10 is a game that is fantastic, from ten years ago, and it's still better than what we have. No it doesn't make sense. Madden would sell more if there wasn't a season (that there will be).

    Just in certain the season is going to be played. You are right, but I'm saying I believe it's at the Madden NFL players' best interest if they don't launch a game this season. Obviously it's not great for EA but you could look at Assassins creed. They took off and the sales went up and the quality went way up. I have faith that EA is likely to make the right call. Everybody on Reddit thinks it's obnoxious that the season is MONTHS away and they know what's best for the entire world. Stop fear mongering and let things play out.

    EA doesn't care about the"Madden NFL players" that they want the money. This is not a wrong or appropriate situation? Should they make a 21 (again no reason they wouldn't) cool it'll be a roster update with MUT. When they don't release 21 (again no reason they wouldn't) maybe they'd only have a downloadable roll you'd have to cover in 20. I'm not fear mongering only an opinion. You're also right about that but I think that EA needs to and will consider not releasing a game. Especially if you look at how it worked out to buy madden coins cheap with their other franchises.