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Exercises to help your child concentrate

  • At school we use just such "bottles" and "balls", because in addition we can give the child such an important message:

    In addition to developing the ability to concentrate, he learns to feel the time, begins to understand the speed of its flow. Some older children are more comfortable sitting with their eyes closed during this practice. We offer them to concentrate on their inner feelings. The easiest way to teach a child this variation of "minutes of silence" is by asking him to focus on his breathing.

    Although the practice is called "A Minute of Silence", it can be done for 2-3 minutes.

    Parents can help their child get in the mood for lesson or homework with this simple play practice. Ask the child to stomp if the phrase you utter is absurd or untrue, and to clap - if it matches reality, it will be true.

    For example, you say: "Mushrooms grow on a birch tree" or "It always snows in summer" - and the child stomps. And when you say: "Cucumbers grow in the garden" or "Ice ***** tastes sweet and cold" - he claps.

    Five or six questions are enough for a child to navigate the rules of the "game". Another 15-20 questions within the framework of this exercise are enough to "turn on" the child and set him up for more routine activities that require concentration.

    Practice "Look Around"

    Ask your child to look around the room or classroom, and name as many objects as possible with a certain characteristic - by color or by shape. This practice not only works to quickly mobilize concentration, but also expands his attention span.

    For example, a seven-year-old child should be able to simultaneously keep 3-7 objects in his field of attention - this is a good "volume". A more advanced variation of this practice is Mindfulness Walking. They also not only develop concentration, but also the attention span in children.