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5 Vegan Watch Straps

  • Whether you're a dedicated vegan committed to cruelty-free shopping, or just dipping your toes in the water of ethical watch bands, you can benefit from a vegan-friendly watch band.

    We recommend that you keep your look impeccable without harming the animals.

    1. Faux leather
    Faux leather is a great choice for a vegan watch band that recreates the look of animal leather. There are many great options that look like real leather without the leather. Aside from being vegan, faux leather is also more environmentally friendly than traditional leather, as it doesn't require all of the resources needed to raise a cow.

    Faux leather can also be more economical than traditional leather straps. However, this does not mean a sacrifice in appearance or in quality. Votch sells bracelets in a variety of colors and sizes for no more than $ 30 which could be a good fit for a new watch you buy or even an existing one from your collection.

    This option gives you all the advantages of traditional leather in terms of style and look.

    2. Rubber

    Rubber is a great alternative to traditional leather straps, especially for a sports watch. Many chronographs in our collection are already fitted with a rubber strap. These suspenders are comfortable, soft and versatile.

    Another huge advantage of rubber over leather is its waterproofness. Whether a vegan or not, anyone can appreciate the benefits of a bracelet that will perform well in a humid environment, whether it's boating, the beach, or just exercising. Rubber belts are cheap too, easy to find for prices around $ 20.


    3. Ceramics
    It might sound weird, but ceramic has been gaining popularity in recent years as a material for watch straps. As a material, ceramic is lightweight and durable. The ceramic used in watch straps is different from the ceramic that you might think is related to tableware and is resistant to wear and tear. It is also hypoallergenic, which may be beneficial for some carriers.


    4. Steel

    Besides being free from animal products, the steel bands give your watch a classic and polished look. They are versatile and suitable for most situations and weather conditions. Steel belts also have the benefit of durability, reducing the worry of damage. If needed, a quick varnish can make them shine.

    Steel belts are slightly more expensive than some of the other options, but can still be found around $ 40, making them a great option for a vegan belt.

    5. Cork
    A less common but no less advantageous option is a cork watch strap. Real cork is made from a tree, often in Portugal. Put your worries about sustainability aside. The tree is not cut to make cork. Instead, cork is made from the bark of the tree so that the tree itself can continue to live and grow.

    Cork watch straps are strong and durable, a great alternative to leather. The Portuguese company Museu do Relógio offers cork watch straps for around 30 to 40 euros. Whether you want to recreate the look of leather or try something totally new, there are plenty of great options for vegan watch bands. Along with the benefits of durability and environmental friendliness, these straps would be a great addition to any chronograph collection.