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How to Improve the Conversion of an Online Store

  • 1. Add a search to the site
    If you have 5 items in the store, skip this item. You just need to put them on the window and that's all - no problems. But if your range includes dozens, hundreds, thousands of positions, set the search. You can use the Google service, you can make your own. The main thing is to save your visitors from having to scroll through 20+ pages in order to buy one product.

    Remember: a site search is one of the little things that shows that you care about your customers. And they will be grateful to you for this.

    2. Indicate warranties
    Today, even a student can create a fancy website. The number of fakes of famous brands is growing exponentially. Therefore, visitors doubt it. What if you also sell cheap clothes from China under the guise of Louis Vuitton. What to do?

    Add a line to the site that your product is of high quality. For example, like lamoda - “Only genuine products of famous brands”. These kind of brands normally used agency services to manage their marketing and sales.

    3. Add price
    Do you think that the price will scare away the buyer? If this is your client, then no. But the need to find out the cost in chat, by phone, in Viber can push to close the page. Remember people are lazy. Or because of many things, they forget what they did 10 minutes ago. Therefore, if a person has visited your site, they must be promptly brought to a purchase.

    After adding the price, the conversion of the SafeSoft Solutions landing page increased by 2 times. Want to make the offer more attractive? Enter the price with a discount.

    PS Show this cheat sheet to your sales managers so that they easily close all customer objections: 4 of the most common customer objections and how to work with them .

    4. Add the option “Buy in 1 click”
    Save buyers time and they will give you money more willingly. Make an order form with a minimum number of fields. For example, leave only a phone number for a call back. After that, the manager will contact the buyer and close the deal.

    After all, you are also angry with a bunch of fields with an asterisk that you need to fill out to order a mouse for a computer? Do you also think that you are asking too much information to collect your money? Correct this injustice in your store. Is your store a Brand?

    5. Add social media buttons
    They help to quickly and easily collect a huge number of likes. And this increases the conversion, because visitors see - you are popular. You can be trusted.

    Place the buttons in the most convenient place, for this test the different options. For example, AMD increased conversion by 3600%, placing them on the left in the form of a floating panel. If you pay attention, the buttons of social networks are in this place on most sites. The main thing is to make sure that the icons do not overlap the main text.

    But the buttons of social networks can play against you. If your customers don’t click on them and you have collected only 3 likes - this will most likely scare away new customers.

    6. Check website loading speed - this is one way to optimize conversion
    Perhaps the reason for the low conversion is that visitors, without waiting for the page to load, leave? Your site will most likely be closed if after 3 seconds the white screen does not fill in the information. Yes, customers have become impatient. They just have a choice, and they use it..