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Lamar Jackson starred in the cover star of Madden 21 NFL  

  • Unlike previous years, Lamar Jackson, who has become a Madden cover athlete, does not seem to be cursed from the Madden series. In a recent beach sport, Lamar Jackson was not injured, which made him feel relaxed. Last year's Madden 21 cover athlete Patrick Mahomes became Super Bowl MVP, which sounds very interesting.


    Recently, EA Sports announced the cover art of Madden. These photos were not taken on the scene of the game. Due to the horrible disaster caused by COVID-19, it is now not possible to normally host a football match, which prevents EA Sports from taking the cover star photos they need. Eventually, they reached the team's training base and combined some of Lamar Jackson's classic Madden 21 Coins photos into newspaper clippings. In this way, they provided players with a unique game cover. According to the introduction, the last time EA adopted this cover was in the 1990s.


    Madden 21's game developer EA Sports announced the official release date of Madden 21 in a tweet recently released, which is August 28 this year. This excites many players who are looking forward to the game, and Lamar Jackson is one of them.


    According to Lamar Jackson's statement, he has been a big fan of the Madden series since he was a child and has all versions of the game. And being the cover star of Madden 21 is his biggest dream, and now his dream has come true. In fact, Madden's cover photo is better than he expected, because the combined newspaper clippings of these historical photos are also related to some stories in his career. He is full of information about the upcoming MUT 21 this year because people have always welcomed the Madden series of games, especially when the development members have added new features to the game.


    Of course, there are some people who don't have any Madden series games. They think that each time the game releases a new version, they don't provide players with really different content. Players see only a constantly updated roster every year. Jackson said that this was not the case. EA's game designer is making the game more interesting every year, and he came to this conclusion by playing the game. Jackson spends an hour a day playing Madden games on his exercise bike. This is the only way he can complete exercise tasks while playing games. He believes that this is one of the most realistic simulation games, which truly reflects the basic strategies and decisions of football, and meets the requirements of some players to collect. If you read this article and want to join in this game, then I have to tell you the good news. The well-known game currency store MMOSPT is holding an event, they sell the safe and fast MUT 21 Coins at the lowest price. If you register as a member at MMOSPT, you can also enjoy more member discounts! Want to Buy MUT coins? Please visit MMOSPT.com