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6 Things to Consider Before Buying Restaurant Equipment

  • Purchasing the right equipment can be quite challenging when you are starting a restaurant. For better operations and functionality, you need to pay due attention when choosing the equipment. From kitchen equipment to catering equipment, the choice of equipment should be worthy. Buying these things from any of the renowned kitchen and catering equipment suppliers in Cape Town can be very helpful. (Information source: https://www.macbrothers.co.za)

    Requirements for Restaurant

    You need to choose the type of restaurant equipment depending on the theme and type of cuisine you offer. Based on your menu, you should prepare a checklist of the required equipment. To avoid improper investments in kitchen equipment, planning your menu or the items which will be available for your customers is important.

    Convenient Budget

    You should set a tight budget and stick to it while purchasing all the essential catering equipment. High-quality commercial catering equipment is expensive but can work more efficiently and last a long time. However, if you cannot extend your budget to be able to purchase high-quality equipment, you need to find a way to balance both the quality of the equipment and your budget.

    Right Material

    The lifespan and efficiency of the catering equipment is determined usually on the material the catering equipment is made out of. Amongst various materials like stainless steel, aluminium and galvanised steel, stainless steel is the most efficient and most recommended material in the case of catering equipment. Maintenance of hygiene is possible with the use of stainless steel kitchen utensils and catering equipment.

    Space of Restaurant

    The space available in the restaurant and the storage requirements for the catering equipment is essential to know before purchasing any catering equipment. Lack of properly allocating space can cause your kitchen to become cluttered which will affect the kitchens smooth operation. For proper space utilisation, you should measure the space and the size of the equipment like a blender, mixer chopper etc.

    Maintenance Requirement

    Proper maintenance is necessary for all catering equipment to ensure a smooth operation and long lifespan. When you purchase essentials for your restaurant, you need to check the maintenance needs of the equipment. You should ask the supplier questions like, how frequently the product needs servicing and whether it is offered by the supplier or not. Remember, cleaning is the key to maintenance. So, you should clean them regularly.

    Safety Measure

    Every restaurant should maintain proper safety measures to ensure the safety of staff and customers. Studies revealed that 57% of restaurant fires result from the kitchen, caused by cooking equipment. While purchasing such equipment, you must ensure that the supplier is reliable and supplies safety compliant products.

    Apart from the above-mentioned, you should always ask for a demonstration to ensure that the product is functioning as it should. Besides this, by taking a demo, you can learn about the proper use and handling of catering equipment, which is essential for the safety of your staff. If the supplier offers installations, servicing and warranty, you can trust the products they supply. By following these tips, you can improve the overall efficiency of your restaurant.