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How to enjoy a vacation with little kids in Venice, Italy?

  • Vacations are meant to be spent in the company of those we adore and cherish. Your soul mate, a best friend, or even your kids be your ideal mate for vacationing in a serene and iconic place like Venice, Italy. But the only catch when you travel with kids is that they can be quite random at times. If you are a single parent itching to travel to Venice without having to drop the kids at their grandparents’ place then continue reading to find out how to prepare yourself and enjoy the city of Venice with your kids. The expert tip is to find the best areas to stay in Venice before planning your day-to-day itinerary.

    Pack lightly but wisely

    It goes without saying that when you are travelling with your kids who can be very fussy during the trip, you have to pack more seriously. But it is important not to forget that there will still be a baggage limit you carry all by yourself. If you have a teenage kid, they can be of help but the same would not happen if a toddler is accompanying Venice.

    Pre-book most of the things

    When travelling with your kids who need your attention almost all the time, you cannot make decisions like booking a place to stay in Venice or deciding the itinerary. Before you get on the plane to your dream destination, ensure that you have pre-booked most of the things such as hotel rooms, cab service, a guide (if you wish to), etc.

    Do not forget to keep snacks

    Every parent’s favourite relaxant are snacks preferred by their kids. So when you pack luggage, try to include all of their chosen candies, chocolates, biscuits, and chips. These snacks will not only help make your kids more manageable but you can also expect to see them in the best of their behaviour throughout the trip.

    Make proper use of discounts

    Several tourist attractions like museums, parks, and other places offer child discounts for a certain age group. Try to utilise them as much as you can to save money and spend it on treating your child to their favourite type of pizza.

    Following are some places to visit with your kids:

    • Visit the gorgeous Lagoon Islands

    Venetian lagoon comprises various scattered islands that are located somewhat at a distance from the city’s lively atmosphere. People who visit Venice for the first time, make sure to check out each of these islands like Lazzaretto Nuovo, Murano, and Sant’Erasmo to experience its uniqueness and raw appeal. Your kids would love the scene of picturesque canalside houses all dressed in pastel colours.

    • Tour of Grand Canal on Vaporetto

    The Grand Canal tour is one of those things that tourists are bound to do once they set foot in this beautiful Italian city. Your kids would appreciate it if you tell them the background history behind these waterways that sweep through the heart of Venice. This extraordinary tour starts from Grand Canal from Piazza Roma to Piazza San Marco. One cannot shake the feeling of seeing the entire history of the place while carefully navigating through the city on this tour.

    • Picnic near the Giardini Pubblici

    The Giardini Pubblici is an extensive and exquisite public garden which you can find past Arsenale if you follow the Fondamenta along the Grand Canal from Doge’s palace. It is an ideal place for a fun picnic with your excited kids and to catch a short break from all that sightseeing around the city. Sit and watch your kids playing near the playground with a faux grotto, benches, and swings.

    Very few cities are as visually pleasing as this place, so the next time you plan for a getaway with your kids, consider going to Venice.