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The Importance of Replacing Old Glass Windows

  • Regardless of whether your office building was constructed decades ago or more recently, many businesses can still benefit significantly from a commercial glass replacement. Just like technology continues to grow, improve, and adapt over time, so does the way glass is engineered. Over the past few years, commercial windows that boast superior energy efficiency, improved occupant comfortability, and greater aesthetic appeal have become available on the market. Since an office mirrors a company’s professionalism, values, and brand personality, it is of utmost importance that you conduct a commercial glass replacement on a regular basis. Imagine what a client would think if they came to your offices, only to see old, unkept glass windows surrounding your building. (Information source: https://www.randburg-glass.co.za/glass-replacement-repair/)


    As mentioned previously, there are several benefits to having a commercial glass replacement done. If you are still unsure on whether it is necessary or not, consider these advantages:


    1. The energy efficiency of your building will be vastly improved

    One thing that many businessowners tend to underestimate is the level of energy efficiency that a commercial glass replacement can offer. Heat transfer, energy loss, and heat gain can all be minimised by utilising this service. There are also several one-time investments that can be specially customised to your building, all while maintaining the aesthetics and integrity of the property.


    2. There are newer technologies available on the market

    Outdated windows do not supply the same performance of newer glass technologies. As mentioned above, if you were to opt for a commercial glass replacement, you would be offered glass solutions that can improve the energy efficiency of your building. So, what are you waiting for? Take advantage of the newest glass solutions available on the market, such as insulated panes, low-emissivity metallic coatings, tinting, etc.


    3. The overall value of your building will increase

    If you opt for a commercial glass replacement, the value of your property will increase significantly. Should you ever wish to put the building on the market, the investment will certainly pay off. Not only will the new windows improve the overall appearance of the building, but they will also contribute to more efficient functionality, which will be a benefit to any potential buyer.


    4. There are more modern styles available

    As mentioned above, there are newer glass solutions available on the market. By having a commercial glass replacement done, you can completely transform the look of your business. Thereby, assisting you with your “first impression” when clients visit your offices. Not to mention, there are solutions available that allow you to let more natural light into the building without affecting the temperature inside.


    5. Your employees will feel far more comfortable

    Finally, your employees will feel far more comfortable in terms of the temperature within the office, as well as the amount of natural light entering the office. Since there are glass solutions that allow natural light in, without overheating the office, your employees will not only be comfortable in terms of the temperature within the building, but there will also be far less strain on their eyes, as there will be more natural light.