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GuildWars 2 :"Fire and Steel" Expansion is on the table

  • The last expansion pack for Guild Wars 2 was Path of Fire, which was released in 2017 and brings you a new enemy-Balthazar, the **** god of war. Although this doesn't sound like another expansion pack currently in production, some fans may be happy to hear that it has not been ruled out.As the season increases, the festival's activities, and its adaptive narrative to the living world, the game has been updated, but 2 years later, Guild Wars 2 is moving towards its next big expansion.


    The last expansion, Path of Fire, was released in 2017, but Guild Wars 2 continues to update the story. In "Fire and Steel" broadcast on March 17, you will relive the epic encounters and replay the four story missions of the first season in the first episode, while ArenaNet will continue to tell the Iceberg family in the third episode Legend.ArenaNet revealed that“Guild Wars 2” was released its “Visions of the Past: Steel and Fire” update on March 17th, 2020


    Releasing this month on March 17, players will get a new perspective on events that have unfolded thus far in The Icebrood Saga as they get up close and personal with the charr, enlisting in Ryland Steelcatcher’s Steel Warband and uncovering new mysteries locked away deep in the Shiverpeaks.





    In the latest Spring and Summer update of Guild Wars 2, ArenaNet also revealed its plans for the more distant future: a new extension. The developer is silent on the details, but it does share some early concept art, as shown above.It has very few details, not even mentioning the basic features and stories, but it does release concept art (above), suggesting an Asian-themed scene.。


    When players enter "Steel and Flame", they will play an anonymous Charr. The story takes place in the first chapter of The Ice Brood Saga, Whispering in the Dark. You will have a new experimental tank with you, operated by Ranoah Grindsteel to help your way. At any time, players can jump on the tank and use its Gatling machine gun, grenade launcher and harpoon gun. However, you must bring your own ammunition, which can be found on the road or airdropped from certain enemies.


    To help you get these new currencies faster, there will be a new daily upgrade attack mission that changes every day and will generate additional rewards upon completion. This is the most worthwhile task. Obviously there are many ways to obtain Guild wars 2 gold, but everyone wants the most effective ones.


    In order to get legendary weapons, ascended armors, or even to buy a new character slot in Guild Wars 2, you will need to farm GW2 gold like crazy. More details on the new stuff can be found over at MMOSKY.com.