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Lilith had experienced adjustments in her familial ties

  • Lilith had experienced adjustments in her familial ties between her first appearance in Diablo 2 and her eventual return in Diablo 4. For Example, Lilith originally served the role of Andariel's Mother, being the Queen of Diablo 4 Gold the Succubi. However, the retcons would change Andariel into a Lesser **** and among the minds of Tathamet, the initial Prime ****. In turn, this would transform the boss Andariel into the aunt of Lilith, apparently reversing their functions.

    Moreover, Lilith's nature as Mephisto's daughter could make her cousin of Leah, Diablo's eventual avatar in Diablo 3. After all, Leah was the offspring of both Diablo-possessed Aidan and the sorceress Adria.

    Regardless of Inarius developing affection towards Lilith, it appears the Daughter Of Hatred cared more about her own goals than her supposed consort. Lore suggests that Lilith only stayed with Inarius to further her own ends, as the Archangel shared her desire to"finish" the Eternal Conflict. Subsequently, she was able to hatch the plot of stealing the Worldstone in order to create a world of their own design. This was the birth of Sanctuary, the entire world in Diablo.

    Contrary to Inarius who settled to their escape from the Conflict, Lilith desired to do more with her liberty. Thanks to the Worldstone's power, Lilith understood she could possess the power to finish the Eternal Conflict and become the winning side. All she needed to do was convince Inarius of exactly the same.

    Alas, many demons and angels would notice the untapped potential within buy Diablo Gold the Nephalem which, if used wrongly, could imply their destruction.