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You should use dragon longsword at the minimum

  • You should use dragon longsword at the minimum. Preferably dragon scimitar, or TokTz-Xil-Ak (obsidian splitsword) using a zerker necklace if you're able to get it. Abyssal whip as soon as you get 70 assault. And if you are not picking up OSRS gold all your jewels, you probably don't need ring of riches (because its principal function is to provide you more gems).

    For your magic practice, you'd be much better off charging air orbs (41k xp/hr, 292k gp/hr) or ground orbs (38k xp/hr, 302k gp/hr) than creating Varrock tabs (24k xp/hr, 216k gp/hr). Or if you enjoy making tabs, switch to house tabs (21k xp/hr, 318k gp/hr) but the orbs are still far better as they provide almost double the xp. Water orbs are acceptable as well if your magic is too low, though it's a longer run to get to them.

    It may be beneficial to purchase the Guthans set, for its curative effect. A Slayer Helm, or Dark Mask would also be good if you are training Slayer. Dragon full helm is poor, dragon square is poor, dragon plate and chain are bad, rune defender is much superior compared to obby protect, proselyte is lacking, sw cape and ardougne cloak are missing, ring of wealth is so poor, bandos boots really are bad. The rest is okay.

    So my friend claimed that I'm not able to kill 50 Mithril Dragons in 1 trip and I truly wish to show him wrong. I have done a few practice runs with welfare equipment and supplies but just managed 20 kills. I didn't take a BoB with meals and pots, just a Fire Titan, so clearly I can radically increase my killcount by doing this. However, I imagine myself to be short several kills and need help optimizing my gear and supplies for as many kills as you can. Now I need help thinking of any way possible to improve this installment to be able to handle 50 kills. Any suggestions whatsoever would be fine.

    I messed up BIG TIME somehow on the Shilo Village quest - is there some method to start over? I've been trying to finish quest for a month now! I can't identify the ruins. I have tried to go back to the beginning and do everything again, I've searched every inch of this cave - LITERALLY EVERY INCH! - When I go back to Tuff he informs me to bury the remains in the center of town instead of in the statue like the pursuit guides say. If I hit the Quest standing on my character it says the following still Has to Be done (not crossed off yet)I've around 5M, but I'd prefer a profitable method before dumping 2Mish on chins. Well if you really plan on pursuing a future in range, you would like access to wide tipped bolts. I'm not saying these are great for instruction, but for specific situations like Aviansies, they are incredible. However, so as to Old School RuneScape Gold utilize these bolts, you need 55 slayer. Don't worry, most slayer tasks are rangeable and some even offer exceptional xp.