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EA did a great here by simply taking the side of individuals

  • Because a lot of people are treating game firms like they're their good, reliable friends. I don't think I've ever seen this happening out of this gambling community. They don't see them like any other corporations whose sole objective is only to receive your cash. If you changed the name from EA into CDPR, curiously enough that the comments here will be Madden 21 coins a whole lot different. They still release trailers for these? It is Madden, who doesn't know what they're getting in this product? Same reason that Coca-Cola still spends a bunch of money on marketing, even though everyone understands what Coca-Cola is. (And naturally, it is worth noting that there's a reason that everyone knows what Coca-Cola is...) That's the very corporate-ese Ralph Wiggum"I am helping" ******** I have ever seen. That is because there are far more important things going on and they will not receive the clicks and perspectives they have been relying on becoming because people's attention is elsewhere. Haha fine EA, I am sure this doesn't have anything to do with the cash you want to make off of the sport and everything related to encouraging the victims of injustice. There's a lootbox/looting joke in here somewhere.Unfortunately, the gaming community appears to be full of racist and sexist people. Reddit too, but you would not delete your accounts because some people are morons. The same way you would not burn your passport as some people in your country are brain-dead. Reddit too, but you would not delete your accounts because some people are morons. I came really close to doing exactly that. I have essentially boxed myself into a very small corner of reddit that I never leave. It's an issue that's only really widespread concerning people playing them. The games sector itself is actually incredibly innovative. Super progressive? Have we forgotten that already?

    This. EA did a great here by simply taking the side of individuals standing up to tyranny. EA discovered an excuse to buy time to polish a turd. They can claim to be progressive as they want, but their internal work culture is totally cut-throat, betray your very best friend for a bonus and a sports car, internally sabotage your competitors job, kinda culture. There is a reason people hate EA both internally and externally. It is really pretty well known in Brazil, especially on TV, in terms of ratings it clearly loses out to soccer by a pretty wide margin, but I would say it's on par with the NBA, Tennis and Formula 1 . For the previous years cinemas have even started to show the Super Bowl in theaters live since it's a fairly major event.

    However, it's not a popular sport for people to play because it requires a lot of gear, but you will find amateur soccer or flag soccer teams in every city and most universities. Who cares why they're doing it, can we respect that they are doing something? I imagine they already sent press coverage material to different books in preparation of launch that trailer, and rather they are most likely spending a great deal of time sending mails to say they are delaying it. Edit: Seeing a lot of comments that cheap Mut 21 coins are such as: Properly they are doing nothing. To that, I'll just answer, they might still do less by just silently pushing back any proposed trailer reveals, and that this remains a company twitter which means somebody had to get the tweet accepted on a certain level, so someone did something. It is not a great deal, but again... Still something.