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What type of armour/gear should I be working towards?

  • As I have absolutely ZERO money (all my riches are in my brother's account, which can be explained below, and of course I am not able to transfer them because of the new commerce rule) and RS gold contemplating magic is allegedly a costly ability for up, what is a decent ability (s) to grow in order to up my wealth? I had been thinking possibly Fishing & Cooking or JUST fishing, then selling fish? I'm not very convinced.

    What type of armour/gear should I be working towards? As I've never played with a mage before and I have been outside of RS for so long, I can't even recall any of those mage gear that's in the match and I really don't know which are the best option to go for etc..

    And finally, there's 1 OTHER option I could go for and that's continuing with my Main. All the others abilities are in 1. Now this character was a melee through & through and had adequate armour/weapons etc until I stopped. The matter is, even when I quit I gave ALL my gear to my brother (about 40 mil worth) and today I have nothing. I can not even get my equipment back due to the trading principle, so I'm stuck in a rut now. I'm not even certain where I'd start to get this guy back up & running, therefore that is what made me think about starting from scratch & making a mage instead. Anyhow that's all of the questions I have for today, so I'll await your responses. Many thanks ahead of time!

    Pure mages have a severe disadvantage when it comes to Player Killing as they're extremly underpowered. I suggest you use that account and make him a Hybrid focusing on Range and also a sub skill of mage. If you concentrate on mage and Range, then you can later change into a strength pure as melee stats will probably outwiegh your battle level from Range and Mage, if you choose to change after you could be a Strength Pure with mage and array alongside. A hybrid similar to this is very effective, possibly 25 prayer might be good if you wind up to your GodSword pure.

    Well to begin with collecting money you should probobly focus on a method that doesnt utilize abilities like resource gathering. But if you should use a skill to gather money I would start with OSRS Money Fishing (not cooking, raw fish are more valuable) and then perhaps move to searching. If you do cash methods you might be studying over 50m if you level them to max.